Welcome to the Terra Mortuus, Land of the Dead.

Once a land of Peace and Tranquility, Terra Mortuus is now a land of death and demonic rampage. Ruled by the vampire Skull King, Korin, the Undead live on this continent as if they were normal and horridly evil humanoids. Korin plans to assault the rest of the world and conquer the entire Material Plane of existence, which he will then give to his Dark Master, Orcus, the Demon Prince of the Undead.

Korin’s undead agents run amok across Terra Mortuus, some making livings as normal people do, others hunting and killing the last remaining humanoids left on the continent and turning them into one of their own. This must be stopped before Korin begins his assault on the rest of the world, but who will stop him?

The Skull King