The History of Terra Mortuus

Long ago, many generations before you were born, a powerful and Evil Cleric by the name of Korin was granted eternal life by becoming a manifestation of Evil itself, a Vampire. Devoted to his divine master, Orcus, Demon Prince of the Undead, Korin sought to create an army to overthrow the rulers of the land he lived in, Terra Pacis, more commonly referred to as Pacis.

Pacis was a prominent symbol of peace and unity. It served as the sight for the signing of peace when the two great super powers, The Soldier’s Empire, and the Holy Empire, waged war for total dominance over the world. The world consisted of four primary continents, Agrum to the North, Utias to the East, Aquova to the South, and Engion to the West. The Great War took place primarily on the home continents of the super powers, Agrum and Utias. The war spread to Aquova, and the two great empires finally settled their differences and arranged for peace. They named the continent of Engion and it’s Capital City Pacis, and signed their treaty there.

Having lived in Aquova most of his life, and ready to die for it, Korin planned to built a massive army to hold off the two empires when their war spread to his home world. His army consisted of undead and demons alike, in honour of his demon lord, Orcus. Calling himself a Skull Lord, he fought against both super powers when they arrived on Aquova to conquer it. Alas, his army could not hold, and he was slaughtered in battle.

His body was eventually reanimated by a minor cultist that served him in the war that survived, and he rose and lived again as a Vampire, prepared to serve Orcus once again. However, Orcus himself called Korin to come to Thanatos, impressed with his devotion and dedication. Orcus offered the Skull Lord Korin a chance to become a Skull King, a true honour among the servants of Orcus.

Korin was given the chance of a thousand life times as far as he was concerned. His task was to amass an army and to conquer one of the other layers of the Abyss, specifically, one that is ruled by Graz’zt, The Dark Prince. Should Korin be successful, Orcus will have a direct path into Zelatar, the Capital City of the Dark Prince. This will make Orcus one of the most influential Demon Lords of the Abyss.

After years of amassing and training his army to perfection, Korin launched his attack. Bringing with him, Cultists from the Material Plane to help him reanimate his army as it was slaughtered, Korin knew that his resources were limitless, and that eventually, Graz’zt will either submit or be destroyed. And he was right.

Graz’zt surrendered one of his Layers, and eventually was invaded again by an army lead personally by Orcus and aided by Korin. Together, Orcus and Korin successfully conquered all of Azzagrat and killed Graz’zt. Successful in his quest, Korin was promoted to the rank of Skull King. Upon completion of their Campaign, Korin was allowed to go back to the Material Plane with his army and use it to defeat his enemies.

Korin quickly targeted and assaulted Pacis, the site where his two enemies made peace. He conquered it after a long 5 year campaign, and the two super powers agreed to leave him the continent, which he renamed Terra Mortuus, Land of the Dead. Korin now rules an entire continent, which now runs amok with undead and demons and various other spawns of evil. He plans to continue his conquest after his iron grip is completely secure on Mortuus, which is a goal drawing nearer to completion. The last human cities have banded together and formed a small kingdom which has held up against Korin and his small assaults. Korin would much rather save his larger legions of forces and train them to perfection.

Soon, Korin’s army will be ready again, and he will assault the home lands of his enemies, and eventually retake his first home world and rule the entire world. He must be stopped.

The History of Terra Mortuus

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